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Puppet Practitioner


Learn how to design, build, and extend modules from the Forge and develop best practices for implementing roles and profiles.



Puppet Practitioner (3 days)
This course is offered both in-person and virtually. The full course schedule, including virtual classes, is available below.

In this three-day course, students will design, build, and extend modules from the Forge and learn best practices for implementing roles & profiles in their infrastructure. After completing this course, students will show a mastery of the Puppet language and problem solving techniques based on Puppet best practices.

3 days

Course Content

  • Advanced Puppet language constructs to write more elegant code
  • Using data structures to create resources programmatically
  • Using custom facts to expose information about nodes
  • Module design concepts and best practices
  • Methods for testing Puppet code and infrastructure
  • Understanding the difference between Puppet tasks and Puppet modules
  • Troubleshooting techniques and standard log files
  • The roles & profiles design pattern and benefits
  • Different methods for managing portions of files
  • Contributing modules to the community via the Puppet ForgeSharing functionality between classes using inheritance

In this course, we expect attendees to have a solid understanding of configuration management strategies. Students should have either taken Puppet Fundamentals or Getting Started with Puppet and have 6+ months of experience using Puppet.

Additional information

Lab sessions

Lab Sessions will start at: 09:30 AM


– Laptops for training purposes will be provided.
– Coffee/tea and Lunch is arranged.
– If you may have special dietary requirements or preferences, please inform us via email.


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