Amazic - training, software for Puppet, Docker, HashiCorp in Netherlands, UK and Germany

Get to Know Amazic

Amazic was founded in 2009, to provide a European-market entry point for cutting edge technology vendors and to accelerate their growth by providing training courses, building strong communities, driving product sales, and running market awareness campaigns to increase adoption of new technology and concepts.

Today, we help some of the world’s most innovative technology brands such as Docker Inc., Github, Twistlock, Cloudbees, Puppet and Hashicorp to launch new products & services by providing them with a strong platform to build their European presence upon.

As a result of this, Amazic has grown into a trusted solution advisor for many of the world’s largest organizations across different industry verticals by offering a unique combination of understanding of deep industry knowledge - and how these industries evolve over time-, business issues and applicable technologies.

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